Queer Theology


Queer theology is a significant new development in theological studies. Though new, it relates to and arises from a longer history of ‘gay and lesbian theology’.

Queer theology is an advocacy theology. Always marked by affirmation of persons of diverse gender identities and sexualities, some of it intentionally takes a meaning of queer as to ‘mess up’ and ‘upset’ and proceeds in theological investigation in deliberately disruptive (sometimes depicted as ‘indecent’) ways.

Queer theology has allies in feminist and other theologies concerned with the significance of gender.

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Queer theology: RK56 (or other more appropriate R numbers)

LGBTQI+ issues, Same-sex marriage, Gay liberation, LGBTQI+ people and Christianity: SD65 to SD68


Reference Texts

  • The Queer Bible Commentary, ed. by Mona West and Robert Shore-Goss (London: SCM Press, second edition 2022), a commentary as it suggests, but unfortunately missing the important opening essay on ‘disarming biblically based gay-bashing’ that was part of the first/2007 edition.
  • Queer Theology: Rethinking the Western Body, ed. by Gerard O’Loughlin (London: Routledge, 2008) is the closest thing to a queer ‘systematics’, but less ‘radical’ than many other items mentioned in these pages.

Regional Contributions

Queer theology has not yet flourished in Australia, but important studies with elements of gay theology have emerged, including:

Other Important Texts

  • Just Good Friends: Towards a Gay and Lesbian Theology of Relationships, by Elizabeth Stuart (London: DLT, 1995), predating but making possible the queer theology that came later and essential for deep research in this area.
  • Liberation Theology and Sexuality, ed. by Marcella Althaus-Reid (London: SCM Press, 2009), a collection that shows alliance and difference between queer and other important advocacy theologies.
  • The Queer God, by Marcella Althaus-Reid (Abingdon: Routledge, 2004), the second (after Indecent Theology) of several very influential books by this author.
  • Queering Christ: Beyond Jesus Acted Up, by Robert Goss (Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2002), an early and quite daring work of queer christology.
  • Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality, and Spirit, by Patrick Cheng (New York: Seabury Press, 2013), employing very US-ian constructs of ‘race’ but in an intersectional work that includes queer indigenous perspectives.
  • Trans/formations, by Marcella Althaus-Reid and Lisa Isherwood (London: SCM Press, 2011), gives voice to transgendered experience and its contribution to Christian doctrine and life.
  • Queering Christian Worship: Reconstructing Liturgical Theology, ed. by Bryan Cones et al (New York: Seabury Press, 2023).