Library Databases

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    The Dalton McCaughey Library (DML) has access to several useful databases through EBSCO. When you use the Combined Search function, some of these resources will be included in your results, but you can also search each database alone by navigating to them from the Databases menu at the top of page.

    This guide is a brief overview of the kinds of resources you can find in each of these databases.

    DML Catalogue

    The Library Catalogue search will return results from all the resources the DML owns directly. To access journals the DML subscribes to, search for the name of the journal then click through to the journal’s own website to gain access.

    EBSCO Databases

    This link contains several EBSCO databases. When you begin your search, you can choose to search in any of the following six databases:

    • ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials Plus: An index of journal articles, book reviews, and essay collections. The best place to go to get short, up-to-date scholarship on your research topic. There are many full-text journal articles.
    • eBook Collection (EBSCOhost): Searchable full text eBooks. Good for finding more in-depth engagements with a topic
    • ATLA Historical Monographs Collection, Series 1 & 2: These collections of historical texts cover an enormous historical range. Series 1 covers texts up until 1893, with many texts on biblical languages in the 19th century. Series 2 covers 1894-1923 and contains many texts on non-Christian religions and American cultural shifts.
    • New Testament Abstracts: This is an index to, and abstracts for, a range of New Testament materials.
    • Old Testament Abstracts: This is an index to, and abstracts for, a range of Old Testament materials.

    ATLA Cooperative Digital Resource Initiative (CDRI)

    This database contains digital resources bearing on religious topics from theological libraries worldwide. One can find images of ancient coins, medieval maps, woodcuts and lithographs, sermons, photographs and other images and texts that fall outside the usual forms that text databases and library catalogues contain.

    CDRI is a subset of ATLA Digital Library.

    ATLA Digital Library

    Similarly to the CDRI, the ATLA Digital Library provides access to images, text, and video from libraries, religious institutions, and archives around the world. If your work covers particular historical periods this link and ATLA Images may be invaluable, giving you access to thousands of historical documents of all kinds.

    JSTOR Access

    The DML has access to a wide range of journal articles, books, and images in a variety of disciplines through JSTOR. JSTOR provides high quality PDFs of texts going back over a century, including an enormous range of free and open access materials.

    Jesuit Studies Digital Collection

    This digital collection is a repository for sources and tools for Jesuit studies, available through Boston College.

    University of Divinity Library Hub

    For University of Divinity students and associated staff, the Library Hub provides access to an extensive range of online resources beyond those of the DML, and includes links to the catalogues of the other University of Divinity libraries. There are many useful tools and resources for academic research.

    The Digital Karl Barth

    A collection of Karl Barth's writings (mostly in the original German, some with English translations as well). The collection was put together in collaboration with Theologischer Verlag Zürich (TVZ) and Princeton Theological Seminary.