DML Guides

There are two main ways of searching the Dalton McCaughey Library (DML) resources:

  1. Library Catalogue search: this will search all the books in the DML collection, both physical and eBooks
  2. Combined Search: in addition to the DML collection, this will also search journal articles the DML has access to through other sources

To find resources, simply type what you are looking for into the search bar and hit 'enter.' If the initial results are not what you had anticipated, there are other tools that may help you find the right resources.

You may click through the different buttons and menus to discover the tools for yourself or you can read through the various guides below. The guides may be read in any order.

A Note on Logging In

Even if you are already logged into your DML account, there are many points at which you may be asked to enter login details. Simply enter your DML login details again. Some of the login pages may take some time to load once you have entered your details.

A Note on Spelling

When using our search functions, check your search terms are spelled correctly as the search engine will not recognise misspellings and will therefore not give you the results you want.

Using Our Tools

Setting Your Password: You will need a password before you can log into your borrower account or use our online resources

Getting Started: An introduction to our two search options

Accessing Resources: Navigating from the catalogue to the resource you want

Placing Holds: Placing a hold on an item currently on loan

eBook and Journal Access: A guide to the different methods of accessing texts

Resource Viewers: Using our different online access systems

Library Databases: Short explanations of the databases accessible through the DML

Scripture Reference Search: How to find texts on a particular scriptural passage

External Tutorials: Extra materials on how to use our tools

FAQ: Some answers for questions not covered by these guides

Getting The Most From Your Research

Advanced Search: Using the search function to its full capacity

Search Tips: A few extra tools to help with your searches

External Research Guides: Research tips and tricks from around the world

External Resources: Access to various free online databases

Citation Guides: General citation management tips and University of Divinity Style Guides