Setting your password

When you are first enrolled as a library user you will generally not have a password assigned to your account. However, you will need a password in order to access your library account, place holds, renew books, or acess on-line resources like eBooks and eJournals.

These instructions should help you set up a password for your library account.

Setting your password

1. Once you have an account at the library, you will need a password to access and make use of our website. To begin, go to the right hand side of our home page and click ‘Forgot Your Password?’

The login panel of the library home page with the 'forgot your password' link highlighted. The link is at the bottom of the panel

You can also use this link if your password is not working or you have forgotten it.

2. Enter the email address you used to sign up to the library in the ‘email’ field.

If you are a student at Pilgrim Theological College or Trinity College Theological School a library account will have automatically been created for you, so you can use the email address you used for your enrolment.

Once you have entered the address, click ‘Submit.’ This will send an email to you with further instructions.

The password recovery page. There are two fields to enter text, one above the other. The email field is the second one

3. Go to your email account, where there should be an email from the library waiting for you. If it hasn’t arrived, refresh your email or simply wait a minute or two as sometimes there can be a short delay. Click on the link in the email to set your password.

A password recovery request email, including the account name and the link to recover a password.

4. Enter your desired password in both fields, ensuring that it meets the requirements outlined on the page (at least 5 characters, including UPPERCASE, lowercase, AND numbers). Make sure you enter exactly the same password in both fields or the process will not complete.

The password recovery page. There are two fields to enter a password, called 'new password' and 'confirm new password.' Above is a block of text giving the instructions for a valid password: at least 5 characters, including UPPERCASE, lowercase, AND numbers

5. If you have completed all the steps correctly, you will be taken to a confirmation screen, meaning you can now use all the library’s resources!

The password confirmation screen, with the text 'the password has been changed' in a green box

If you ever wish to change your password, simply log in and click ‘change your password’ in the menu on the left of your account’s home page (the one that opens when you log in).

The account home page. There is a menu on the left. 'Change your password' is the fourth option on the menu